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Postby Jackson » Monday, October 10, 2005 14:36

<br>Some of you have noticed that several members of the board have little images show on the left side of their posts under their name (I have the USArmy Racing emblem you can see to the left).

In the pre-hack days, I let anyone link any outside Avatar they wanted to... but unfortunately, that can't be the case anymore as it is one means by which hackers can do little annoying things (nothing major, yet, but give 'em time). Also, I've decided that I want to have a certain amount of control over the avatars as well to ensure we don't end up with any unnecessary images.
But, you can still have your very own Avatar if you'd like. For those that had them before, I copied the image file from where you linked it and put it on my server and have re-associated it... so you should be all set with your same avatar.

For anyone else that wants an avatar, email me the image you'd like to use. I will review the picture and resize it to be used as your avatar. The maximum dimensions for avatars is 80x80, so if you can, please resize it before sending it to me.

Jackson Bazley
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